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Craps is considered a truly American game, although it traces its roots to several European dice games. Craps peaked in popularity after the return of GI's from World War II. During the 1940s and 50s, Craps was the premier game in a majority of American casinos. Since the early 1960s however, the popularity of Craps has diminished. Games such as Blackjack and Slots have taken over the top gaming spot in most casinos in USA. However, Craps remains a great game that can reward the player with fast payouts and hot non-stop action.

Craps Rules & Strategies (8)
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Top Craps Online Casino -  
Top Casino is the latest release from the Casino Tropez stable, one of the most established and reputable groups of online casinos today. Riveting graphics, smoooooth navigating, over 100 award-winning casino games driven by none other than industry leader Playtech, plus the most professional Customer Support team ever assembled to "serve players like they've never been served before." And if that's not enough to get your gambling juices flowing, get this: Craps .com is currently offering first-time depositors an incredible 100% Sign-Up Bonus up to an unbelievable $1177 free. If that's not worth checking out pronto, we don't know what is. So whether you've got a craving for craps, blackjack, roulette, video poker, or slots, is an excellent bet. And who is more deserving of great casino action than you? Get your fix today.

Teach Me Craps -  
Provides customized information for all levels of crapshooters from beginner to expert including rules, strategies, odds, contests, reports and news.

Online Craps Info -  
The site offers information on craps rules, strategy, craps table, odds, dice, and a free craps game. It is a great source of free online craps information for everyone: the pros, the inexperienced, and the curious. Find out how to play the game of craps to get the most out of it.

Online Craps Guide - is a guide to craps online and understanding how to play craps that offers craps rules, odds, table layout, Types of Bets, Craps simulator, tournaments and tournament strategy. You'll also find free online craps games.

Craps Hero - Game Guide -  
Newbies guide to how to play craps. You will find discussion of game's odds and payouts, history of the game and what the best bets are at craps - small bet on the pass line, come-bet, come-out roll, pass-line point. Craps terms explained.

Irishsetter's So You Want To Play Craps? -  
Basic and advanced strategies for craps and articles for gamblers.

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