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February 2008 Online Casino News
February 18, 2008.

Online Casino - US Gambling Laws That Have Not Been Revealed Yet - Do Proxies Expose You To The Gambling Ritz High Rollers.

"The death knell of America's six billion dollars (€3.2 billion) internet gambling industry was sounded by the President Bush yesterday. He officially signed legislation banning all transactions involving American punters..."

This regards to the passing of the US Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act as an appendium to the Safe Port Act. To prevent any on-line gambling to be carried out in the US can be considered as its purpose. The British Government have kept enough about its support, despite opposition parties have spoken out strongly against attempts from US Authorites to implicate UK Bankers in what they consider to be ‘retrospective legislation’. Any online gambling for ‘real money’ in the USA have stopped by all online gambling companies. (source The Times, October 14th 2006)

The fact that there appears to be no specific laws to prevent online betting in the states of Nevada, California and Louisiana made some troubles. (source ATS Networks, published on ATS Bets . com)

Online Casino operators no longer accept memberships for real money gaming from anyone physically located in the US. It is obviously the correct response.
Technically this presents huge challenges. It’s very easy to block IP address originating from the US or to check home addresses and even Credit Card addresses. But what about the determined punter and its little Computer knowledge? The standard of computer knowledge amount the average person on the street these days, often surpasses the standard of computer experts of just a few years ago. And it gets more better every day. Online casino bonuses.

It is not a real problem to a determined ‘High Roller’ to obtain a non US mailing address or even to obtain a non US credit/debit card for a person within the US. So, does it exert the real protection to ban US origin IP address? Unfortunately, it offers no protection at all for someone with only a modest computer knowledge these days. To use the services of a Proxy Server to hide the correct IP address of a computer on the Internet is easy and costs very little, so that it appears to come from another country. Any country you like almost. Everybody in the US can appear to the online casinos gaming companies computer to be elsewhere in the World and it takes just a few minutes.

Proxy servers can also be detected in the most part, but even these can be ‘cheated’ by the very determined.
I think that Proxy Servers need to be considered as a potential risk to online gaming companies, and that, anyone attempting to access online gaming using a Proxy sever, needs to be considered as potentially being physically in the US. All proxy server traffic to online gaming companies therefore needs to be identified by the online gaming companies computer systems, and block/banned from accessing that system. The using of Advanced computing ‘tools’ to detect is absolutely essential. It is very interesting to watch developments in this whole area at online casinos for real money.

Oh yes, with things as they are at the moment, if you are in the USA PLEASE ONLY VISIT MY SITE FOR GAMES THAT DO NOT INVOLVE REAL MONEY.

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